has been recapitalized by

Outcomes is a leading provider of

solutions for healthcare data

acquisition, auditing, and analytics.

The undersigned acted as financial advisor to Outcomes in this Transaction

Outcomes Health Information Solutions


Outcomes Health Information Solutions, LLC is a leading provider of end-to-end solutions for healthcare data acquisition, auditing, and analytics. Outcomes leverages its proprietary technology platform and a national network of field reviewers, nurse researchers, certified coders, and auditors to deliver customized, web-based solutions for acquiring, mining, mobilizing, and reporting healthcare data to payors, medical providers, and research organizations.


Outcomes engaged Croft & Bender to assist the Company in its efforts to execute a minority recapitalization, refinancing all existing debt, and providing additional liquidity to execute on a new growth strategy. Croft & Bender led the Company through a process that included identifying potential partners, drafting the offering memorandum and related materials, marketing the Company, evaluating offers, selecting a partner, and negotiating the transaction.


The Company was recapitalized with a unitranche facility provided by Elm Park Capital Management.